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ConstructionOnline Scheduling Receives Performance Enhancements

New improvements to Scheduling in ConstructionOnline allows users to further customize and organize their schedules, as well as efficiently view tasks that are planned for the days and weeks to come. Construction professionals using ConstructionOnline can expect to encounter:

  • Improved speed when viewing large schedules
  • Click-and-drag capability when navigating the Gantt Chart
  • Instant schedule resizing
  • 30-40% faster schedule load times

These upgrades combine to provide a faster, more accessible viewing experience. In addition, options for setting a custom color to schedule tasks and milestones are now available. Get organized by color-coding your schedules based on properties like status, resource, or priority. Tasks will display their set colors when viewed on the Gantt Chart, as well as on the project calendar and company calendar.

To learn more about ConstructionOnline Scheduling, contact a UDA Product Specialist at 1-800-700-8321.

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