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Now Available in ConstructionOnline™ 2019: New Project Summary Report

ConstructionOnline delivers powerful, advanced project management capabilities to more than half a million construction professionals in over 75 countries around the globe, and new Project Reports have been recently added to ConstructionOnline 2019 to enhance professional documentation and presentation capabilities.

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New Company Features Improve Employee Management in ConstructionOnline™

ConstructionOnline aims to provide software solutions to streamline construction project management and support the growth of successful construction companies around the world. With the addition of two new features in ConstructionOnline, growing construction companies will find it easier than ever to track employee productivity and activity.  

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UDA Offers Custom ClientLink™ Videos for ConstructionOnline™ Subscribers

On the heels of UDA’s incredibly successful webinar series showcasing ClientLink Connections in ConstructionOnline, UDA Technologies is excited to offer subscribers custom tools to support their success with client engagement through ConstructionOnline’s Client Portals.

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Online Sales Management Enhanced with Updated Opportunities

UDA Technologies continues to advance already-powerful Sales Management tools in ConstructionOnline 2019 with the new option to assign Company Employees as “Sales Representatives” on their individual Leads & Opportunities.

With Leads & Opportunities in ConstructionOnline 2019, growing construction companies are able to create, track, and prioritize potential new projects to bolster continued success.  The ability to assign employees as Sales Reps within Leads & Opportunities drastically enhances the efficiency of Sales Management in ConstructionOnline 2019 and streamlines the visibility of related notifications, tasks, and communications.

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Access to ConstructionOnline™ Classic Expiring July 2019

UDA Technologies announced today that access to ConstructionOnline™ Classic will expire as of July 1, 2019. Over the course of the last year, UDA has worked to develop a brand-new ConstructionOnline™ experience, including an updated interface complete with intuitive navigation, better performance, and even more powerful tools.

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TotalCare Exclusive Announced: QuickBooks Batch Imports for ConstructionSuite™

UDA Technologies recently announced the development of QuickBooks Batch Import options, and the ConstructionSuite Product Team continues to make good progress with this new automation utility. The QuickBooks Batch Imports will allow for QuickBooks data to pulled for up to 50 projects at a time at scheduled or manually triggered intervals. 

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ConstructionOnline™ Delivers Seamless QuickBooks Integration

ConstructionOnline continues UDA Technologies’ legacy of excellence regarding QuickBooks Integration practices, and recent updates to Socket further streamline the integration process. Socket, ConstructionOnline’s Desktop Assistant, powers the unique integration between web-based ConstructionOnline & desktop versions of QuickBooks.

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Discover Professional Client Engagement with ConstructionOnline™ ClientLink

UDA Technologies is excited to announce two special webinar events focused on the client experience and planned for this June. In the upcoming mini-series, UDA Product Specialists & special guests will highlight ways builders can leverage the technology of ConstructionOnline to engage their clients and improve the construction experience for all parties involved.

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