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UDA Technologies Announces ConstructionSuite™ 11

This week, UDA Technologies is excited to announce the upcoming release of ConstructionSuite™ 11, the latest version of the award-winning enterprise construction management software. With fully integrated Estimating, Scheduling, Document Management, Specifications, and CRM tools, ConstructionSuite™ 11 delivers new features & enhanced tools to power the success of contractors around the world.

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Administrative Controls Enhanced for New Time Tracking

This week, ConstructionOnline™ introduced additional administrative controls for Employee Timesheets in New Time Tracking, enhancing timesheet regulation and overall company management.

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Advanced Filters Added to Calendars & To Dos in ConstructionOnline™ 2020

New compound filters have recently been added to Calendars & To Dos in ConstructionOnline™ 2020. Filters are available for Calendars & To Dos at both the Company and Project levels in ConstructionOnline™, streamlining everyday project tracking by improving access to needed information.

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Stay Connected with the New & Improved ConstructionOnline™ Mobile App

The mobile companion to UDA’s #1 top-rated construction management software, ConstructionOnline™ Mobile is the portable project management solution for on-the-go construction professionals. Updated for ConstructionOnline™ 2020, new features for ConstructionOnline™ Mobile include:

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ConstructionOnline™ 2020 Delivers Highly-Anticipated Advanced Estimating

ConstructionOnline™ 2020 promises to be the strongest, most comprehensive construction management software available on the market today, and New Advanced OnCost™ Estimating is a key component to the system’s preeminent dominance.

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Navigation Upgraded for ConstructionOnline 2020

With the introduction of ConstructionOnline™ 2020, users will discover new upgraded navigation options to further streamline system management of construction projects. The primary left sidebar in ConstructionOnline™ now presents the Company Overview, Sales Management, & File Management sections of ConstructionOnline™ in consolidated, collapsible menus, alongside Company Projects.

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New ConstructionOnline 2020 – The Software Platform for Today’s Modern Builder {Now Available}

UDA Technologies is excited to announce this week’s release of ConstructionOnline™ 2020, the latest evolution of UDA’s award-winning construction management software. Designed to help contractors around the world build better, smarter, and faster, ConstructionOnline™ 2020 delivers updated navigation, enhanced performance, and brand-new tools, including -

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New Plan Versioning Introduced to Redline Planroom 2.0

ConstructionOnline Users now have access to new Version Set Management tools in Redline Planroom. With the addition of this new feature, plan version sets can be easily added and edited to ensure that all project team members are working with the most up-to-date set of project plans.

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