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Full-Featured Estimating meets Comprehensive Project Management on the Web

ConstructionOnline Estimating has proven to be a game-changing addition to UDA’s award-winning cloud solution since being released in mid-2017. Estimates can be created in either the standard or multi-column format, providing the flexibility desired for residential, commercial, and specialized builders worldwide. ConstructionOnline also allows for the creation of custom estimates templates, making it quick and easy to estimate directly from the field without sacrificing detail or accuracy. UDA’s Client Selections & Change Order Management tools work hand-in-hand with ConstructionOnline Estimates to streamline team & client communication from project start to finish.

Estimating in ConstructionOnline expands project management capabilities for growing builders worldwide by offering full-featured estimating & job costing in a responsive, accessible, affordable environment. To learn more about full-featured estimating on the web, watch our Estimating Introduction: Meet ConstructionOnline Estimating.

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