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ConstructionOnline Publish Notes for the Week of October 26

October 26, 2020 - UDA Technologies announced this week exciting new features and expanded functionalities for ConstructionOnline, specifically for key features like Daily Logging, Invoicing, & Submittals:


  • New Daily Log type - Safety Logs
    • Document worksite incidents with new Safety Logs.
    • Track involved parties, date of occurrence, type of incident, with attached photos and other related files.
    • Safety Logs appear on all Daily Logging views (Timeline, Month, Day).
  • New options to filter lists of Daily Logs by Cost Code and/or Trade
    • Powerful filter options give the user a way to make quick assessments of project progress from the Daily Log Timeline
    • Find specific types of log entries with ease
  • New Controls added to improve the user experience
    • The item count now appears after the feature name in the top left corner of the daily logging feature, above the filter widget. The item count updates as filters are applied.
    • Controls for expanding/collapsing all of the log entry cards at once now appear at the top right corner, above the Filters widget.


  • New Company Overview Invoicing dashboard provides an aggregate view of all a company’s invoices. Keep track of the company’s cash flow from one place.
  • Invoices now have a search function to find a specific invoice
  • Invoices have filter functions to display by date, status, recipient, etc
  • Invoices are grouped according to their statuses. The user can very easily see which Invoices are draft, unpaid, overdue, or paid using simple and obvious status category buttons
  • Each listed invoice links back to the specific Invoice Details as well as its parent project
  • In order to ensure compatibility with QuickBooks Online, Estimate Category and Subcategory names may not contain colons. This is a restriction caused by QuickBooks Online. The same thing goes for Selection Category and Selection (selection subcat) names.
  • The user is now informed of all specific incidents of illegal characters in Cat/Subcat names when attempting to create invoices.


  • Users can now import and export submittals as Excel files
  • Submittals can be exported as a complete, detailed table with all the information for the Submittal, such as approvers, approval statuses, due dates OR can be exported for re-import, in which case the file export contains the submittal  framework details, functioning similar to a submittal template
  • Imported submittals are set to DRAFT status with the importer as the first approver for the Submittal. The user can adjust approvers and approval due dates while the Submittal is set to DRAFT. Once the Submittal is activated, the user can no longer edit the submittal approvers.

Furthermore, this week ConstructionOnline introduced a new, improved Support Chat feature:

  • Users can access a wealth of information or directly request assistance via support chat using the new help beacon located in the bottom left corner of ConstructionOnline. 
  • The Help button can be used to search the ConstructionOnline knowledge base or to directly connect to one of our experts via chat.


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