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New Feature Spotlight: Create Payment Applications with ConstructionOnline

With the latest update to ConstructionOnline's industry-leading accounting integration, users can now effortlessly generate AIA payment applications in minutes. ConstructionOnline's Desktop Assistant, Socket, powers the unique integration between web-based ConstructionOnline & desktop versions of QuickBooks, and new Application for Payment capabilities include:

  • Generate Industry-Standard G702 & G703 Forms
  • Automatically calculate:
    • Running totals for the amount completed to date
    • Percent of completed work
    • Balance to finish
    • Materials Stored, and more
  • Record retainage: Withhold and invoice for retainage

Socket seamlessly connects estimate & financial data to automatically generate industry-standard payment applications, eliminating redundant data entry, enhancing accounting accuracy, and saving users hours of valuable time.

In addition to generating Applications for Payment, integration between QuickBooks and ConstructionOnline via Socket also allows users to create and send invoices, change orders, credit memos, and purchase orders. Once a job is complete, these figures can then be imported back into ConstructionOnline to be used across a comprehensive list of financial reports, including Estimate versus Actual Amounts and Actuals versus Committed Costs.

To learn more about Socket and ConstructionOnline's integration with QuickBooks, contact a UDA Product Specialist at 1-800-700-8321.


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