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New Options for Invoicing with  ConstructionOnline 2019 + QuickBooks Online

UDA Technologies recently released advanced invoicing capabilities for companies whose ConstructionOnline accounts are integrated with QuickBooks Online. ConstructionOnline 2019 has delivered powerful, bi-directional integration capabilities that demonstrate the most comprehensive integration available with QuickBooks Online in today’s market, and the addition of the new invoicing tools further proves the value of the platform’s financial feature set. 

Integrating ConstructionOnline + QuickBooks Online provides the ability for users to

  • Send ConstructionOnline Estimates & Change Orders to QuickBooks Online
  • Create QuickBooks Online Invoices & Purchase Orders from within ConstructionOnline.
  • Import Actuals, Committed Costs, & Invoiced Amounts recorded in QuickBooks Online into ConstructionOnline Financials. 

ConstructionOnline’s new invoicing options address the progress invoicing needs of construction professionals with an enhanced grid view that simplifies the invoicing process from job to job. The easy-to-read table allows for manageable data entry to streamline invoice creation & tracking, and can be found in the Accounting Integration section of ConstructionOnline 2019’s Financials. The detail and ease of this integration overall dramatically decreases time & effort applied to construction financial management and vastly increases the accuracy & visibility required for effective job costing.

UDA Technologies continues to innovate new ways to support the success of growing construction companies around the world, with more than 550,000 industry professionals relying on UDA’s software solutions for the management of over $70 billion in construction jobs every day. To learn more about ConstructionOnline, contact a Product Consultant at 1-800-700-8321.

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