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New Sales Management Tools Available in ConstructionSuite 10 and ConstructionOnline 2019

With impressive new upgrades coming to both ConstructionSuite and ConstructionOnline in the first quarter of 2019, UDA Technologies is excited to highlight new Sales Management Tools available in ConstructionSuite 10 and ConstructionOnline 2019. 

Sales Management in ConstructionSuite 10 provides a focused area for the management of Leads & Opportunities, a “sales center” for being able to keep a close eye on the progression of the Lead Pipeline. It’s important for construction companies to always be looking at what’s next, and ConstructionSuite 10’s Sales Management tools provide advanced tools for doing just that, including new detailed dashboards views, enhanced search options, advanced estimating tools, comprehensive reporting options, and more. 

Sales Management in ConstructionOnline 2019 builds upon the success of ConstructionOnline Lead Tracking to introduce Opportunities to the web-based platform, one of many exciting new features for ConstructionOnline in 2019. With the addition of Opportunities, quotes are able to be generated quickly and accurately, supporting the ultimate customer experience. ConstructionOnline’s Sales Management tools also include powerful Lead Management tools as well, equipping mobile sales teams with the ability to manage the Lead Pipeline from anywhere at any time and enabling sales collaboration across the company. 

With decades of experience in the construction software industry, UDA Technologies knows that effective Sales Management is essential to achieving continued growth and success for growing construction companies. UDA continues to be one of the fastest growing providers of construction management software, currently trusted with the management of $70 billion in construction projects by over 550,000 users in more than 75 countries worldwide.

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UDA Technologies is one of the fastest growing providers of construction productivity software in the United States, Canada, Australia, and 75 countries worldwide with double digit, industry leading revenue growth. Designed for growing businesses, UDA construction software manages over 50 billion dollars of construction annually. Identified as a key partner in construction software technology, UDA Technologies is a Microsoft Partner and a Premier Intuit QuickBooks developer.


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