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Now Available: New Redline Takeoff from UDA Technologies

Redline Takeoff is now available from UDA Technologies. Redline Takeoff joins ConstructionOnline and Redline Planroom to round our powerful, comprehensive cloud-based construction project management for growing contractors around the world.

Available as a premium add-on to ConstructionOnline or Redline Planroom accounts, Redline Takeoff provides full-fledged takeoff tools that allow construction professionals to easily prepare accurate measurements and dimensions from online plans.

  • Use calibration tools to set scale and calculate precise measurements for length, height, area, perimeter, volume, and more
  • Organize items with Dimensions, Groups, Item Counts, and Layers for improved clarity, accuracy, and efficiency
  • Export measurements to Microsoft Excel for easy, flexible options to expand use of data from Redline Takeoff

To learn more about Redline Takeoff from UDA Technologies, contact a UDA Product Consultant today at 1.800.700.8321.

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