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UDA Technologies Debuts New ConstructionOnline Canada Site

In response to strong international growth, UDA Technologies has launched a new & improved website specifically for ConstructionOnline Canada. ConstructionOnline currently serves over 500,000 construction professionals in more than 75 countries worldwide, including countries such as Canada, Australia, South Africa, and Mexico.

With a large presence in Canada, UDA naturally chose to begin here for website expansion.  In 2017, ConstructionOnline Canada was chosen by Canadian Contractor Magazine as the preferred project management tool for builders and contractors in Canada. Greg Peterson, President & Co-Founder of Renovantage, Canada’s leading organization for the top Canadian contractors stated, “It is our opinion that UDA offers the best overall feature content and meets all of the desired functionality. UDA has a strong feature set in Estimating, Project Management, Selections Management, Time Cards, and Accounting Integration with QuickBooks Desktop.”

Additional website expansion is planned for UDA Technologies and ConstructionOnline, including the addition of Spanish options for specific Latin American locales. 

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