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UDA Technologies’ YouTube Channel Garners 1,000 Subscribers

UDA Technologies is excited to celebrate 1,000 subscribers to UDA’s YouTube Channel. A primary tenant of the UDA Company is the provision of first-class service and superior support to see clients achieve ultimate success with UDA’s construction management tools. In pursuit of this ongoing goal, UDA Technologies provides a variety of video resources including tutorials, overviews, and previously recorded webinars on UDA’s YouTube Channel. Videos are available for ConstructionSuite, ConstructionOnline, ConstructionOnline Mobile, and UDA Cloud Services. 

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Additional resources available to support client success include the UDA Blog, the ConstructionOnline Knowledge Base, and UDA Professional Services.   

UDA Technologies continues to be one of the fastest growing providers of construction management software solutions in the world. Servicing over 500,000 professionals in more than 75 countries worldwide, UDA construction management solutions manage $65 billion in construction projects globally.

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