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Streamline Construction Project Management with New Project Timeline View

ConstructionOnline, the #1 rated construction project management software from UDA Technologies, delivers comprehensive tools for company, project, and contact management in a fast, accessible cloud environment. The latest addition to ConstructionOnline's intuitive, user-friendly interface is the new Project Timeline, which provides a convenient overview of project activities, events, financials, and more. 

Exclusive to ConstructionOnline, Project Timelines are available from the "Timeline" tab within each project in ConstructionOnline. Users will be pleased to discover that new Project Timelines function similarly to the very popular new Lead & Contact Timeline views in ConstructionOnline, displaying a chronological, up-to-date log of current project activity. 

Conveniently, Project Details - such as Project Status, Address, Type, & other General Information - are directly available from the Project Timeline, alongside a variety of project information, including: 

  • Calendar Events
  • Change Orders
  • Submittals
  • Daily Logs - and much more!

The ability to access, edit, and review all this information in a single, chronological view in ConstructionOnline makes it easier than ever for project teams to stay organized and on the same page.

To learn more about the new Project Timeline view in ConstructionOnline, contact a UDA Product Specialist today at 1.800.700.8321. 


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