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UDA Announces Schedule of Events for IBS 2020

This week, UDA Technologies announced the schedule of events for the upcoming exhibition at the International Builders’ Show, Jan 21-23 in Las Vegas. UDA Team Members will be presenting live demonstrations, workshops, and Q&A sessions at Booth SU1021 in the nextBUILD pavilion, showcasing the latest in construction management software.

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New Reports Added for ConstructionOnline RFIs and Submittals

With industry-leading tools for efficient, effective tracking of project communication, ConstructionOnline™ provides the visibility project teams need to stay on track and on the same page.

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UDA Recognized with 2020 Hot Product Honors for 5th Consecutive Year

UDA Technologies is proud to announce that Construction Executive Magazine has once again honored ConstructionSuite™ and ConstructionOnline™ as Hot Products for 2020. Construction Executive Hot Product Awards recognize leaders in the construction software industry. ConstructionSuite™ and ConstructionOnline™ have received previous Hot Product Awards for 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019.

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New Geolocation Settings Boosts ConstructionOnline Time Tracking

Advanced Time Tracking for ConstructionOnline™ 2020 now includes intelligent Geolocation Settings, introducing automatic clock-in/out notifications based on the users’ proximity to assigned jobsites. ConstructionOnline™ Geofencing ensures employees are accurately documenting shifts and streamlines access to projects through ConstructionOnline™ Mobile.

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ConstructionOnline™ Named as FrontRunner for Construction Management Software

For a third consecutive year, ConstructionOnline™ has been recognized by Gartner on the FrontRunners Quadrant for Construction Management Software. ConstructionOnline™, the #1 top-rated construction management software from UDA Technologies, combines construction estimating, advanced scheduling, and project management to deliver the most comprehensive online project management system for small to medium construction firms.  

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UDA Technologies to Exhibit at IBS 2020 in Las Vegas

UDA Technologies looks forward to exhibiting at the International Builders Show (IBS) in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 21-23. UDA will showcase recent software innovations with ConstructionOnline™ 2020 and ConstructionSuite ™11 at Booth SU1021 in the nextBUILD pavilion.

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UDA Academy Announces December Schedule of Events

UDA Technologies looks to close out an exciting year with several special webinar sessions from UDA Academy planned for December 2019, including a special First Look Webinar featuring ConstructionSuite™ 11.

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UDA Technologies Announces ConstructionSuite™ 11

This week, UDA Technologies is excited to announce the upcoming release of ConstructionSuite™ 11, the latest version of the award-winning enterprise construction management software. With fully integrated Estimating, Scheduling, Document Management, Specifications, and CRM tools, ConstructionSuite™ 11 delivers new features & enhanced tools to power the success of contractors around the world.

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Administrative Controls Enhanced for New Time Tracking

This week, ConstructionOnline™ introduced additional administrative controls for Employee Timesheets in New Time Tracking, enhancing timesheet regulation and overall company management.

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Advanced Filters Added to Calendars & To Dos in ConstructionOnline™ 2020

New compound filters have recently been added to Calendars & To Dos in ConstructionOnline™ 2020. Filters are available for Calendars & To Dos at both the Company and Project levels in ConstructionOnline™, streamlining everyday project tracking by improving access to needed information.

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Stay Connected with the New & Improved ConstructionOnline™ Mobile App

The mobile companion to UDA’s #1 top-rated construction management software, ConstructionOnline™ Mobile is the portable project management solution for on-the-go construction professionals. Updated for ConstructionOnline™ 2020, new features for ConstructionOnline™ Mobile include:

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ConstructionOnline™ 2020 Delivers Highly-Anticipated Advanced Estimating

ConstructionOnline™ 2020 promises to be the strongest, most comprehensive construction management software available on the market today, and New Advanced OnCost™ Estimating is a key component to the system’s preeminent dominance.

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Navigation Upgraded for ConstructionOnline 2020

With the introduction of ConstructionOnline™ 2020, users will discover new upgraded navigation options to further streamline system management of construction projects. The primary left sidebar in ConstructionOnline™ now presents the Company Overview, Sales Management, & File Management sections of ConstructionOnline™ in consolidated, collapsible menus, alongside Company Projects.

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New ConstructionOnline 2020 – The Software Platform for Today’s Modern Builder {Now Available}

UDA Technologies is excited to announce this week’s release of ConstructionOnline™ 2020, the latest evolution of UDA’s award-winning construction management software. Designed to help contractors around the world build better, smarter, and faster, ConstructionOnline™ 2020 delivers updated navigation, enhanced performance, and brand-new tools, including -

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New Plan Versioning Introduced to Redline Planroom 2.0

ConstructionOnline Users now have access to new Version Set Management tools in Redline Planroom. With the addition of this new feature, plan version sets can be easily added and edited to ensure that all project team members are working with the most up-to-date set of project plans.

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New Case Studies Highlight Success of UDA Clients Around the World

UDA Technologies is actively developing new Case Studies highlighting the success companies who are building better business with the implementation of ConstructionSuite + ConstructionOnline. UDA Client Case Studies are published on the UDA Technologies website and shared through UDA social media channels.

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New Webinar Series Introducing ConstructionOnline 2020

UDA Technologies will launch the official introduction of ConstructionOnline 2020 with a special webinar series debuting Thursday, November 7 at 4:00 pm ET. ConstructionOnline 2020 promises to deliver construction management for “the modern builder,” and will include many recently previewed features from UDA Technologies, along with exciting new releases.

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Track Cost Impact with New Custom Fields in ConstructionOnline

UDA Technologies recently introduced Cost Codes & Cost Impact fields to ConstructionOnline™, laying the foundation to provide powerful cost insights across multiple facets of construction project management.

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Exclusive Pre-Release: New Envoy™ Chat for ConstructionOnline 2020

UDA Technologies is excited to announce an exclusive pre-release of New Envoy™ Chat for ConstructionOnline 2020. Envoy™ Chat is now available for all current ConstructionOnline subscribers.  

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Enhanced Viewing of Daily Logs Now Available in ConstructionOnline

ConstructionOnline’s Company Overview provides an enhanced new tool for reviewing Daily Log Entries in ConstructionOnline™. From the Project Tracking tab of ConstructionOnline’s Company Overview, access all entered Daily Logs in a concise list view.

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Additional Resources Available to Support Customer Success

Well-known for providing consistent 5-star customer service & support, UDA Technologies continues to demonstrate a dedication to customer success by expanding available resources to support client adoption of ConstructionOnline™. Additional resources are published regularly to the ConstructionOnline™ Knowledge Base, which can be accessed inside ConstructionOnline™ from the Help button or outside of ConstructionOnline™ here.

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Company History Log Added to ConstructionOnline Accounts

ConstructionOnline™ Users can now access a company-wide Company History Log. The Company History Log provides a detailed record of Company Employees’ activity within the ConstructionOnline™ Company Account. Access to the Company History Log is available from the ConstructionOnline™ Account Settings Menu.

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Introducing Newly Enhanced Redline Planroom 2.0

This week, UDA Technologies previewed Redline Planroom 2.0 as part of an exciting series of webinars highlighting new features coming to ConstructionOnline 2020.

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New Time Tracking Now Available for ConstructionOnline + ConstructionOnline Mobile™

This week, UDA Technologies announced the release of New Time Tracking for ConstructionOnline 2020 – a much-anticipated upgrade which introduces an advanced set of new features, including -

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App Update Released for ConstructionOnline Mobile™

A new update is now available for ConstructionOnline Mobile™ on iOS and Android platforms. ConstructionOnline Mobile™ is the mobile companion for ConstructionOnline™ and provides comprehensive mobile access to powerful project management tools for on-the-go construction professionals.

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New ConstructionOnline Drive Delivers Advanced File Management

UDA Technologies announced today the release of ConstructionOnline Drive™, a desktop application for Windows that integrates with ConstructionOnline™, making it easier than ever to manage documents, photos, schedules, emails, and more.

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Webinar Series Provides First Look at ConstructionOnline 2020

UDA Technologies recently announced a series of special webinar sessions that will provide a first look into new features to be included with ConstructionOnline 2020, including brand-new Envoy™ Chat, extensive Time Tracking expansions, and revolutionary Redline Planroom enhancements.

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Punch Lists Now Available for ConstructionOnline ClientLink™ Portals

Access to Punch Lists is now available for ClientLink™ Contacts through ConstructionOnline ClientLink™ Portals. ConstructionOnline ClientLink™ Portals create branded, custom logins for individual project clients to be able to access critical project information, and the addition of Punch Lists to this feature set enhances ConstructionOnline™ users’ communication & visibility with construction clients. 

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Look Closely! Zoom Function Added to ConstructionOnline Gantt Charts

ConstructionOnline™ now provides the ability for users to zoom-in and zoom-out when accessing the Gantt Chart view of Project Schedules. Zoom options are available at 10%, 25%, 50%, 100%, and 150% levels, giving users a variety of ways to view the task dependencies and project timeline.

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File Management Expanded to Provide Dedicated Company Files

Company Files joins Project Files & My Files to further the flexibility of ConstructionOnline™ File Management for Company Employees. Company Files provides a unified location in ConstructionOnline™ where all users within the ConstructionOnline™ Company Account can access shared files.

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Manage Client Selection Deadlines with New Pending Selections Report

UDA Technologies recently introduced the Pending Selections Report to ConstructionOnline™ which allows for Company Employees to generate documentation of Client Selections still pending approval on an individual project in ConstructionOnline™.

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New Project Map View Expands Company Project Management in ConstructionOnline™

This week, UDA Technologies introduced a brand-new view of Company Projects in ConstructionOnline™, UDA’s industry-leading construction project management software. Company Employees can now view ConstructionOnline Projects on global map and satellite views to get a birds-eye perspective on project volume and proximity.

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Company Reporting Now Available in ConstructionOnline™

UDA Technologies announced the release of unified Company Reporting in ConstructionOnline™ this week. The release of Company Reporting is accompanied by enhancements to Company Scorecard furthering companies’ abilities to track, measure, and document productivity and progress in ConstructionOnline.

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Drive Business Growth with Intuitive Sales Management Tools

ConstructionOnline empowers construction companies around the world with advanced CRM & intuitive Sales Management tools in Leads & Opportunities. All current ConstructionOnline Plans provide access to new Sales Management features, including –

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Introducing New Inbound Emails in ConstructionOnline

With new Inbound Project Emails in ConstructionOnline™, construction companies around the world will find it easier than ever to receive and manage project-related correspondence. Upon creation, each ConstructionOnline Project now receives a unique Inbound Email Address where users can directly send emails for full documentation and accountability.

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UDA Announces August Schedule of Events

UDA Technologies recently announced the schedule of upcoming webinar events for August 2019. Well-known for consistently providing 5-Star Customer Service & Support for more than 650,000 construction professionals around the world, UDA continues to uphold the company’s dedication to client success with special session webinars and new feature spotlights.  

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Instant Updates for Messages & To Dos Empower Faster Collaboration Among Project Teams

ConstructionOnline™ Company Employees can expect to receive instant updates for Messages & To Dos when working actively in ConstructionOnline™. When project teams are running communication through ConstructionOnline™, these latest enhancements to Project Communication will save valuable time and eliminate miscommunication.

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Signatures Now Available for Punch Lists in ConstructionOnline™

UDA Technologies is excited to announce the latest feature for powerful Punch List Management in ConstructionOnline™ 2019 – digital signatures. Company Employees now have the option to add signatures to Punch Lists and to include signatures on Punch List Reports. 

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Business Intelligence Added to ConstructionOnline™

UDA Technologies is excited to deliver new business intelligence tools in ConstructionOnline™ with the recently released Company Scorecard. Company Scorecard presents a comprehensive dashboard view which helps Company Employees track & compile program activity across ConstructionOnline™. By providing a high-level view of how users are engaging with the tools in ConstructionOnline™, Company Scorecard delivers data to support user accountability and system impact. 

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New Sales Reports Released for ConstructionOnline™ Opportunities

ConstructionOnline™ recently introduced two new reports for better management of Opportunities, the newest addition to ConstructionOnline’s powerful set of Sales Management tools. Opportunities are designed for potential new jobs, providing a location for employees to document initial project details, create project estimates & proposals, and organized pre-construction files.

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New Update to ConstructionSuite™ 10 Available for TotalCare Members

This week, UDA Technologies released an update to the award-winning construction project management software, ConstructionSuite™ 10. As product demand continues to increase for ConstructionSuite™, consistent updates ensure the up-to-date functionality for all of UDA’s valued TotalCare Members.

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Photo Organization Enhanced with Nested Albums in ConstructionOnline™

UDA Technologies announced today that access to Nested Albums are now available in ConstructionOnline™ 2019. Nested Albums allow for Company Employees to create sub-albums, or albums within albums, streamlining the management & organization of project photos in ConstructionOnline™.

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ConstructionOnline™ Introduces Summary Reports for Contacts & Leads

ConstructionOnline™ recently released the Lead Summary Report and Contact Summary Report, further expanding the library of professional, print-ready reports & documents available for ConstructionOnline™ Company Employees.

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New Calendar Print Options Now Available in ConstructionOnline™

UDA Technologies announced recent enhancements to the ConstructionOnline™ Calendar which provide new options for calendar printing. ConstructionOnline™ Company Employees can access new print options from both the Company and Project Calendars within the Month and Agenda Views.

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UDA Announces July Schedule of Events

UDA Technologies recently announced the schedule of upcoming webinar events for July 2019. Well-known for consistently providing 5-Star Customer Service & Support, UDA continues to uphold the company’s dedication to client success with special session webinar and regularly scheduled series.

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Now Available in ConstructionOnline™ 2019: New Project Summary Report

ConstructionOnline delivers powerful, advanced project management capabilities to more than half a million construction professionals in over 75 countries around the globe, and new Project Reports have been recently added to ConstructionOnline 2019 to enhance professional documentation and presentation capabilities.

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New Company Features Improve Employee Management in ConstructionOnline™

ConstructionOnline aims to provide software solutions to streamline construction project management and support the growth of successful construction companies around the world. With the addition of two new features in ConstructionOnline, growing construction companies will find it easier than ever to track employee productivity and activity.  

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UDA Offers Custom ClientLink™ Videos for ConstructionOnline™ Subscribers

On the heels of UDA’s incredibly successful webinar series showcasing ClientLink Connections in ConstructionOnline, UDA Technologies is excited to offer subscribers custom tools to support their success with client engagement through ConstructionOnline’s Client Portals.

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Online Sales Management Enhanced with Updated Opportunities

UDA Technologies continues to advance already-powerful Sales Management tools in ConstructionOnline 2019 with the new option to assign Company Employees as “Sales Representatives” on their individual Leads & Opportunities.

With Leads & Opportunities in ConstructionOnline 2019, growing construction companies are able to create, track, and prioritize potential new projects to bolster continued success.  The ability to assign employees as Sales Reps within Leads & Opportunities drastically enhances the efficiency of Sales Management in ConstructionOnline 2019 and streamlines the visibility of related notifications, tasks, and communications.

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Access to ConstructionOnline™ Classic Expiring July 2019

UDA Technologies announced today that access to ConstructionOnline™ Classic will expire as of July 1, 2019. Over the course of the last year, UDA has worked to develop a brand-new ConstructionOnline™ experience, including an updated interface complete with intuitive navigation, better performance, and even more powerful tools.

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