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Pro Remodelers Organization Invites UDA to Present Continuing Education Course

UDA Technologies is honored to be invited by Pro Remodelers Organization (PRO) to present a continuing education course in Toledo this September. UDA Technologies is well-known across the industry for a commitment to construction education and reinforcement of best business practices through the provision of award-winning remodeling software solutions. Senior Product Specialists will travel to Toledo September 20-22 to present 2 classes highlighting quality project management processes supported by UDA’s first-class construction management software, ConstructionSuite & ConstructionOnline. 

Toledo’s Professional Remodelers Organization was established in 1967 as an organization dedicated to supporting growing remodelers in the Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan regions. The goal of PRO is to connect members with other professionals in the industry through continuing education courses, regular networking events, and an annual remodelers’ trade show. These benefits, along with many others, help to support the growth of successful companies across the region.

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