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UDA ConstructionOnline™ Named as Top 10 Construction Management Software

UDA Technologies is honored to announce that ConstructionOnline™ has been named a Top 10 Construction Management Software by SaaSworthy. ConstructionOnline™ has been featured as a Top 10 solution for Construction Management in 3 categories, including - Highest Rated, Fastest Growing, and Most Popular. 

SaaSworthy helps businesses make better software decisions by compiling unbiased reviews, insightful comparisons, common questions & answers, and more into helpful buyers' guides across various categories of SaaS products. SaaSworthy uses a unique algorithm to calculate any given product's "SW Score" and products within the same software category are then ranked accordingly. The SW Score relies primarily on factors such as product features, user ratings, social media presence, web presence, and growth velocity. 

  • Being named "Highest Rated" denotes that UDA ConstructionOnline™ has the highest user ratings of Construction Management Software within the last 3 years. 
  • Being named "Fastest Growing" demonstrates that ConstructionOnline™ exhibits accelerated active growth velocity, as well as historical growth acceleration, in the Construction Management Software sector. 
  • Being named "Most Popular" acknowledges that ConstructionOnline™ has the highest number of user reviews in Construction Management Software, alongside a leading presence on the web and social media platforms. 

Trusted by more than 850,000 construction professionals in over 75 countries worldwide, UDA ConstructionOnline™ delivers industry-leading construction project management solutions in a simple, secure cloud-based platform. 

Sign up here to get started with a free trial of UDA ConstructionOnline™, or learn more by contacting a UDA representative at 1.800.700.8321. 


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