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UDA Develops Additional Resources to Support Customer Success

Well known for providing consistent 5-star customer service and support, UDA Technologies has taken this dedication to customer success even further by expanding resources available to support overall growth and success. Additional customer resources recently introduced include the ConstructionOnline Knowledge Base and the UDA Blog.

The ConstructionOnline Knowledge Base includes over 600 step-by-step help guides to support user engagement with ConstructionOnline’s tools and services. Updated regularly, these articles are available through the Help button in each ConstructionOnline account, or directly from the Support link on ConstructionOnline’s homepage, along the UDA Blog. The blog publishes articles from UDA Product Specialists, Support Technicians, and Customer Success Managers who share ConstructionOnline Tips & Tricks, Success Stories, Best Practices, and more. To see new posts as they are published, subscribe via email or follow UDA on Facebook and Twitter.

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